TV has transformed

It’s now an intelligent medium, providing mountains of data on what people are watching and when, through Automated Content Recognition. We enable advertisers to capitalize on this major disruption, elevate their brands to new heights and vitalize their bonds with customers.

Tap into the largest TV viewing data set available.

Combine the emotive power of TV and the conversion opportunity of digital to propel customers into the arms of your brands.

Gain vital insights needed to fully understand the impact TV has on your customers, making sure you never put a foot wrong.


What we can do for you

Harness the power of TV data to take your advertising into the future

TV Retarget + Sync

Take advantage of TV’s ‘halo effect’ to drive the best possible results for your online campaigns.

TV Attribution

Gain critical insights into precisely how TV content, spots or cross-platform campaigns influence conversions, and how best to strengthen your bonds with customers.

What people are saying about us

TVadSync is driving the evolution of media convergence by broadening TV’s impact in the marketing funnel and connecting it to digital channels.

Katie RischEVP of customer experience at Centro