About TVadSync

TVadSync helps advertisers improve return on online ad spend by reaching the right consumers at the right time with the right message


With the rise of smartphones, TV audiences have adopted new multi­screen behaviours in the livingroom. This poses both a threat to traditional TV advertising and an opportunity to engage with consumers in new and innovative ways

TVadSync bridges the gap between television and “second screen” devices, creating the holy grail of 360° marketing

Made with ♥ in Dublin and Los Angeles


The Team

Ronan Higgins

Founder, builder, dreamer

Pieter Oonk

Between commerce and product, infinitely curious

Chris Fredericks

Always strategic, always the business

Keepin' Us Real

Ming Wu, Advisor

Former President of Accuen, Omnicom Media Group

Tim Hanlon, Advisor

Founder and CEO, The Vertere Group

Sean Melly, Chairman

Managing Partner, Powerscourt Capital

Alex Kelleher, Advisor

Founder, Cognitive Match
(acquired by Magnetic)

Garret O'Beirne, Advisor

Group Digital Managing Director, Omnicom Media Group (Europe)

Bob King, Advisor

Former Sr Director of Civolution
(Teletrax / SyncNow)